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As part of VCU TV/HD, students created, produced and filmed their own local, national and international shows in a wide variety of categories, such as cinemaphiles, VCU Medical Center, local life, webisodes and much more.

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Highlighting films produced by VCU students and alumni ranging from animation to features.

Showing 1-14
48 Hour Film Festival, Part 1
“48 Hour Film Festival, Part 1”
48 Hour Film Festival, Part 2
“48 Hour Film Festival, Part 2”
Alex Germanotta/Todd Raviotta
“Alex Germanotta/Todd Raviotta” (Part 2)
Byrd Theatre
“Byrd Theatre”
Joe Carabeo
“Joe Carabeo”
Matt West
“Matt West”
Steven Harris
“Steven Harris”
“Student Lens: Death”
Student Lens: Part 2
“Student Lens: Part 2”
Student Lens: Part 3: Brian Bear
“Student Lens: Part 3: Brian Bear”

Student Lens: Giovanni's Journey
“Student Lens: Giovanni’s Journey”

Student Lens: Richard Hartert
“Student Lens: Richard Hartert”

Student Lens: Part 3: Brian Bear
“Student Lens: SOLAC”

Local Life

TV/HD explores the VCU and Richmond community. 

Showing 1-19
All That Swazz
“All That Swazz”
Art 180, Part 1
“Art 180, Part 1”
Art 180, Part 2
“Art 180, Part 2”
Art 180, Part 3
“Art 180, Part 3”

Art 180, Part 4
“Art 180, Part 4”
Bottoms Up Pizza
“Bottoms Up Pizza”

Camera Truck
“Camera Truck”
Chop Suey
“Chop Suey”
Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle
“Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle”
River City Roller Girls
“River City Roller Girls”
Richmond Improv – ComedySportz
“Richmond Improv – ComedySportz”
Richmond Lucha
“Richmond Lucha”
STRUT 2007 – Part 1
“STRUT 2007 – Part 1”
STRUT 2007 – Part 2
“STRUT 2007 – Part 2”
VCU 40th Anniversary
“VCU 40th Anniversary”
VCU Comics
“VCU Comics”
Ultimate Frisbee, Part 1
“Ultimate Frisbee, Part 1”
VCU Ultimate: Director’s Cut
“VCU Ultimate: Director’s Cut”


A backstage pass to Richmond’s favorite bands and more.

Showing 1-13
Abbey Road Live
“Abbey Road Live”

Animal Beat
“Animal Beat”

Animal Beat Deux
“Animal Beat Deux”
Army of Me
“Army of Me”
Cold Toast
“Cold Toast”
Daniel Johnston
“Daniel Johnston”
Duchess of York
“Duchess of York”
House of Fools Live
“House of Fools Live”
House of Fools Deux
“House of Fools Deux”
Ki: Theory
“Ki: Theory”
Sheryl Crow and Jack Johnson
“Sheryl Crow and Jack Johnson”
The Social Dropouts
“The Social Dropouts”
The Sort
“The Sort”
Upper East Side Big Band
“Upper East Side Big Band”


Experience the sound and style of VCU with performances from the dance and music departments.

Showing 1-3
A Concert for Lindsay – Part 1
“A Concert for Lindsay – Part 1”
A Concert for Lindsay – Part 2
“A Concert for Lindsay – Part 2”
For Africa
“For Africa”


From biomedical engineering to mechanical engineering, learn more about one of the fastest growing schools at VCU.

Showing 1-2
FIRST Robotics
“FIRST Robotics”
The New E-School
“The New E-School”

Inside Out

In-depth interviews with high profile and extraordinary people at VCU — from visiting celebrities and successful alumni to pioneering professors and ingenious students.

Showing 1-6
Dick Robertson
“Dick Robertson”
Foreign Perspectives
“Foreign Perspectives”
Gary Sange
“Gary Sange”
Lindsay Ess
“Lindsay Ess”
Locker 50B
“Locker 50B”
Patti D’Beck
“Patti D’Beck”
Planet Bonnie
“Planet Bonnie”

VCU Medical Center

Ranked among the top centers nationwide in U.S. News & World Report’s “America’s Best Hospitals,” TV/HD brings viewers a closer look into some of the center’s 200 specialty areas.

Showing 1-7
A Matter of Heart
“A Matter of Heart”
Clinical Empathy
“Clinical Empathy”
Massey Cancer Center
“Massey Cancer Center”
Mission of Mercy
“Mission of Mercy”
Support Teams
“Support Teams”
VCU Trauma Center
“VCU Trauma Center”


U.S. News & World Report ranks VCU School of the Arts Sculpture Department No. 1 in the nation for its graduate program. Learn more about the programs and see the quality of art produced by students and alumni.

VCU Sculpture
“VCU Sculpture”

Study Abroad

Travel with VCU students as they study abroad to discover different cultures and develop a broader understanding of the world. 

Showing 1-4
Guatemala – Part 1
“Guatemala – Part 1”
Guatemala – Part 2
“Guatemala – Part 2”

Theatre VCU Presents

Go behind-the-scenes of Theatre VCU’s main stage productions.

Showing 1-12
Dracula – Part 1: The Bite
“Dracula – Part 1: The Bite”
Dracula – Part 2: The Blood
“Dracula – Part 2: The Blood”
Dracula – ‘Uncut’ The Performance – Part 1
“Dracula – ‘Uncut’ The Performance – Part 1”
Dracula – ‘Uncut’ The Performance – Part 2
“Dracula – ‘Uncut’ The Performance – Part 2”
Medea: Part 1 – What is Medea
“Medea: Part 1 – What is Medea?”
Medea: Part 2 – Bringing Medea to Life
“Medea: Part 2 – Bringing Medea to Life”
Medea: Part 3 – Last Call
“Medea: Part 3 – Last Call”
Medea: The Performance – Part 1
“Medea: The Performance – Part 1”
Medea: The Performance – Part 2
“Medea: The Performance – Part 2”
Senior Showcase
“Senior Showcase”
Shadow Play – Behind-the-Scenes
“Shadow Play – Behind-the-Scenes”
Shadow Play – Performance
“Shadow Play – Performance”

TV/HD Webisodes

Meet the producers at VCU TV/HD… the good, the bad and the ugly.

Showing 1-5
The New Boss
“The New Boss”
Alex vs. Nick
“Alex vs. Nick”
Capital Emmy’s
“Capital Emmy’s”